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Linear Permissions

I wrote an unfortunately long pdf about linear logic and comonads. It might be interesting? It might solve a long-standing problem? Or it might just be a good way for me to procrastinate on my homework---only one way to find out!

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i'm not able to prove cobind (as stated) with any of the box/! connectives you mentioned. what am i missing?

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yep - certainly if you make the ([]A -> B) argument be []'ed, it works, but i was curious why that doesn't correspond with the literature on comonads.

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i like the idea of having the "valid" and "true" judgments be represented by a 2-element preorder. it feels familiar, like something i've seen from jcreed.

i'm still not clear on how this constitutes a solution to permissions, though. what's your imagined encoding of "with permission p, a -o b"? does the permission become a worldy-resource?

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i don't see anything in your pdf with that ([p]) syntax?

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well, they're modal operators in the kripke semantics sense, not in the resource semantics sense -- they form a preorder, not a monoid :)

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"worldy", not "worldly" :) i just meant "resource semantics resource" as opposed to "linear logic resource".