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It's been a while since I made this account, ostensibly for the purpose of research blogging, so November---often used by folks as a kind of "thing-a-day" month---seems like a good time to (re?)surrect it and actually get some research blogging done. I doubt I'll update every day, but I have a fair amount of stuff going on, so it shouldn't be too hard to post about that every few days or so.

Also, if anyone knows how to change the font in one of these posts, let me know; it'd be nice to use a fixed width font for programming stuff. Footnotes would come in handy, too.

For anyone who might not know me---hi! I'm Zach Sparks, a PhD student (currently in my second year) at Indiana University. My broad area of research is programming langauges, in particular type systems and logic, and I've been working with Amr Sabry (who may or may not technically be my advisor yet, but I think it is pretty clear at this point that he is my advisor) on a logic for reversible computation.

I've also got another project going on with Dan Friedman, working on implementing a little dependently-typed programming language, kind of like Agda. It is pretty cool! We haven't done much so far (so I probably won't mention it beyond this), but I've already learned a hell of a lot about dependent types just from working on/thinking about it.

Aside from those, I have lots of smallish ideas floating around---these are probably the things that I will use to fill up this blog in the coming month! In general, I care a lot about formal treatments of modularity (in particular, ML-style modules) and variable binding (especially higher-order abstract syntax). I've also been thinking a lot about comonads, in several different contexts, most recently that of designing a rad new programming language.

So, there should be tons of cool stuff coming in to populate this space in the near future. Stay tuned!



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